Online Session Pianist & MIDI to Audio Production

New Premium MIDI to Audio Service 
Your MIDI file recorded with a real Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano

T e s t i m o n i a l s
“Based on this one test, I give this service a thumbs up. A very positive experience indeed! . . . a significant improvement over the Sibelius rendering. I would recommend using this service.”
Douglas Gibson: Award Winning Composer – New York
Douglas Gibson website
“It’s quite interesting checking out the sounds on the website. They’ve run the same MIDI file through each piano and the differences are really remarkable.”
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“Having the stock piano sound in my DAW replaced made an amazing difference to the sound of my track”
Hans Blomberg – Sweden
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Additionally, a collection of my music is available to license from Motion Focus Music:
Minimalist Piano  |  Piano Solo Album   |  
Piano & Instrumental Album   |  Piano Horizons
Tracks 011-020 on this album: Jazz Bar
Tracks 005-013 & 022-029 on this album: Living the Lifestyle
Tracks 009-012 on this album: The Red Carpet Collection
My latest commercial album can be found here: Craig Gerard Richards