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PREMIUM:  MIDI to AUDIO SERVICE – Real Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand
This is a MIDI to Audio recording on our REAL 1969 Hamburg Steinway Concert D Grand Piano, as played by your supplied MIDI file (see Important Notes below). Priced from $160 USD (close stereo mics) or $220 USD (close + room mics) per MIDI file up to 5 minutes in length. Price includes one revision of the original arrangement for adjusting dynamics or minor adjustments of notes or timing. Contact us to enquire about pricing for multiple tracks in the same recording session.

•   A live recorded performance on a fully weighted ‘hammer action’ keyboard is recommended to create your MIDI track, to ensure correct dynamics & optimal results. Quantised and programmed MIDI files can result in a “less human” sounding playback.

•   The real Hamburg Steinway Model D produces full, complex resonances, unlike the sound from many keyboards/digital pianos and lesser quality software pianos. NOTE: Careful use of your sustain/damper pedal when creating your MIDI file is important to avoid a sonically blurry/indistinct or unnatural result. 

•   Pianoproducer.com will not be responsible for unsatisfactory results due to poor performances and pedalling or MIDI file creation, or mistakes in the creation of the MIDI file supplied.

ADVANCED:  MIDI to AUDIO – Sampled Pianos
$70 USD editing fee + $35 USD MIDI to Audio production fee per track per piano, up to 5 minutes in length. Example: 1 x 4 minute track = $70 editing fee + $35 MIDI to audio production fee. Total: $105 USD.
BASIC:  MIDI to AUDIO  – Sampled Pianos
$35 USD per MIDI file per piano, up to 5 minutes in length. This is a straight MIDI to Audio rendering, exactly as per your supplied MIDI file (see Important Notes below).
Example: 1 x 8 minute MIDI file is priced the same as 2 Tracks, so on payment, select 2 Tracks. Another example: 1 x 4 minute MIDI file produced with 2 different pianos is priced as 2 Tracks, so on payment, select 2 Tracks.

$180 – $450 USD for 1 to 3 minutes of music, including MIDI to Audio production fee. Pricing can be negotiated for longer tracks or tracks with repeating pianos parts. Additional instrumentation, adding client supplied audio, plus mixing & mastering are available, with pricing based on a brief of requirements.

256 kbps mp3 reference files are preferred, and 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files for Session Pianist & Production services.
Please place a download link in the Message field of the Order Form, or contact me to arrange sending audio files.