Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano

An immaculate Steinway Concert Grand Piano fitted with a high resolution MIDI system, this is the ultimate in realism for your MIDI piano tracks. Suitable for a wide range of styles and productions. Recorded with a close position, spaced pair of premium quality Schoeps MK-4 microphones (additional room mics are available as an option) in an acoustically neutral room of a professional recording studio.


1.   1969 Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand (274cm) – spaced pair mics – recorded in a studio Demo A – Dry Demo A – Reverb

Sampled Pianos – Concert Grands

Suited to classical & contemporary solo piano, piano trio, film scoring, etc.

Sampled Pianos – Character Pianos

Suited to intimate solo, vocal accompaniment, film scoring, acoustic trio, blues etc.

11.  Upright European Piano – aged & warm tone, full of character – great for sitting in a mix

Demo A audio samples have been created using the same MIDI file for a direct comparison of how the real Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand and each Sampled Piano responds to identical MIDI velocities and data. Demo A is a series of musical phrases including chords, sustains, single notes, arpeggios, and staccato playing, intended to showcase each piano’s tone, characteristics and dynamics across the keyboard range. Demo B is a short excerpt in a style suited to each piano, and is a suggestion of the type of use for that piano. These are grouped as a suggestion for the various genres & uses. Personal taste and context will be the deciding factor as to which is the best choice for your music. All sampled piano demos have their customised reverb settings applied. Demo A & B tracks composed and ©2016 Craig Gerard Richards, except the Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand Demo B (Prelude in G, Op. 23, No. 5 Rachmaninoff) and Yamaha C7 Studio Grand A – Demo B (Trad. Arr. Craig Gerard Richards). Hamburg Steinway Model D video demo: Hymn to Freedom ©1962 Oscar Peterson and How Deep is the Ocean ©1932 Irving Berlin – MIDI excerpts kindly provided by Doug McKenzie – ©2010 & ©2008. No unauthorised use, copying, lending or distribution allowed.