There is no single ‘perfect’ piano sound. Your choices depend greatly on personal preference and musical context. 
A rich, concert grand piano sound suited to a solo or orchestral piece may not be the best choice for a piano driven contemporary pop song, or multi-track instrumental production. 
Demo A audio samples have been created using the same MIDI file for a direct comparison of how each sampled piano responds to identical MIDI velocities and data. Demo A is a series of musical phrases including chords, sustains, single notes, arpeggios, and staccato playing, intended to showcase each piano’s tone, characteristics and dynamics across the keyboard range. Demo B is a short excerpt in a style suited to the piano, and are a suggestion of the types of uses for each piano

These are grouped as a suggestion for the various genres & uses. Personal taste and context will be the deciding factor as to which is the best choice for your music. All demos have their customised reverb settings applied. All demo tracks composed and ©2016 Craig Gerard Richards, except the Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand Demo B (Prelude in G, Op. 23, No. 5 Rachmaninoff) and Yamaha C7 Studio Grand A – Demo B (Trad. Arr. Craig Gerard Richards).
No unauthorised use, copying, lending or distribution allowed.