Piano MIDI to Audio Production
1.   Create and perfect your piano track on a MIDI keyboard or in a sequencer and save/export the performance as a MIDI file
2.   Preview audio demos of the real Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand, or 10 sampled pianos on The Pianos  page
3.   Go to the Upload  page, enter your details, select your piano (or pianos) and upload your MIDI file/files
4.   Pay the required production fee (select from the drop-down menu)
5.   After the specified production time* you receive an emailed link to download your professional quality piano audio.

Premium Piano Recording – Real Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand
MIDI to Audio Production – we preview & optimise your MIDI file on our Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano and record with premium microphones and preamps at 24bit-88.2 kHz.

PRICING: $160 USD (close stereo mics) or $220 USD (close + room mics) per supplied MIDI file up to 5 minutes in length. Longer tracks incur an additional production fee of $20 USD per extra minute (close stereo mics) or $25 USD per extra minute (close + room mics).

For example: a single 8 minute track recorded with close + room mics is priced at $220 base fee up to 5 minutes, plus $75 (3 x $25) for the extra 3 minutes, for a total of $295.

NOTE: Best results are obtained from MIDI files of live played performances on a weighted keyboard. The production fee includes one revision of the original arrangement for adjusting dynamics or minor adjustments of notes or timing.  Contact us to enquire about pricing for multiple tracks in the same recording session.

Sampled Pianos – Advanced Service
Editing, optimisation and simple chord re-voicing/re-arranging of your supplied MIDI file and render as a high quality audio file. Pricing is $70 USD editing fee +$35 USD MIDI to Audio production fee, up to 5 minutes in length.

Sampled Pianos – Basic Service
MIDI to Audio Production – I preview your MIDI file with your choice of Sampled Piano/s and render as a high quality audio file. Pricing is $35 USD per supplied MIDI file, per piano, up to 5 minutes in length.

 Sampled piano tracks are provided as 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files in Dry & Reverb versions. 
A.   Dry (only the natural recorded ambience) – for you to process with your preferred audio plugins, reverbs etc.
B.   Customised, natural sounding reverb applied – suited to that particular piano.
Real Hamburg Steinway D tracks are supplied as Dry, unprocessed 24bit WAV files (added reverb is an option available by request).

* MIDI to Audio Production turnaround time: 48-72 hours for sampled pianos. 5 days for the real Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano. Special request production deadlines and Session Pianist turnaround times can be discussed according to need & availability.

Session Pianist & Production
I compose and play a custom piano part following your brief or discussions with me, and your supplied audio file & chord charts. 
Pricing is from $180 USD.  An accurate quote and turnaround time can be discussed on review of brief and material. 

Additionally, a collection of my music is available to license from Motion Focus Music:
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